Posted by: elambend | February 29, 2008

Rethinking the value of fat

Michael Eades, the author of Protein Power has a guest post on Tim Ferris’s blog today about rethinking the value of Fat, especially as compared to carbohydrates. He even references the Starvation Study (with pictures!) that Gary Taubes references in his book and the speech Taubes gave at Berkeley.

It’s an interesting post, though it covers territory I’ve seen elsewhere. I also think he overly downplays all carbohydrates, particularly those that may be gained from plant matter. The comments are pretty lively, particularly when a vegetarian and Eades exchange words. The importance of insulin is also discussed.



  1. […] occurred to me when I saw this post at Tim Ferris’s blog.  Two of my interests had come together, constant self-tinkering […]

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