Posted by: elambend | February 29, 2008

Living in the Monkey House

Modern Parable:

When you first enter the Monkey House, your first reaction is “Man, it stinks in here!”

After a while, you can stand it a little bit.

Soon enough you don’t even notice the smell.

Thus, you become incapable to smelling what anyone else who hasn’t been living in the Monkey house would recoil from.

I worry about just this kind of thing, particularly when it comes to my reading (especially blog reading).  When you are exposed to a single viewpoint or set of ideas, it becomes easy to forget how marginal those ideas really are.

This occurred to me when I saw this post at Tim Ferris’s blog.  Two of my interests had come together, constant self-tinkering (Ferris’s thing) and alternative views of fitness (introduced to me by Art DeVaney).

I’m past the point of reading alternative viewpoints just for the sake of it, but I try to be open to anything that could be counter-factual to something I believe, for the very least so that I can argue against it.

HT for the Monkey Story – Tim Gunn


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