Posted by: elambend | February 22, 2008

I blame the Chinese and the Indians

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece this morning, I found this little nugget of information fascinating:

” America’s share of global imports has fallen to 14% last year from over 20% in 2000. The import share of the developing countries has grown to 40.6% last year from 33% in 2000.”

What does that mean for Americans? The first thing that comes to mind is that we will have less and less of an input into the kind of consumer goods we get to choose. This will take time as we are still the largest single market. However, in twenty years when you have to design a consumer good, will you design it to the desires of a market of 400 million people or for one of 1 billion people?

(of course the actual outcome will likely be a melding of the desires of the consumers of the big market countries and the little markets consumers having to just deal with it).


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