Posted by: elambend | February 14, 2008

The 3×5 Notecard

The 3×5 notecard is one of my favorite tools for organizing my life. The primary service it provides me is as something to write my daily what-to-do list upon. I usually carry about ten of the cards with me (the easily fit the inside pocket of a jacket or coat), with the what-to-do list at top, and perhaps a few other lists (like long term items, addresses) and notes on the other cards, and of course blanks. Always with me, they make ready scratch paper to write notes or phone numbers on when I’m out and about.

I also use them for my check-lists. For morning, for right before bed, for the car. They are the perfect size and their stiffness lends them an ability to sand up to exposure.

I’ve seen people use the note cards for study notes, reminder notes, motivational signs, etc.; but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them used for their original purpose, indexing items in long drawers. I’m sure there is some library out there that still uses them this way, but I can’t imagine it’s easy to find.



  1. Heh. You’re an historical throwback, Elam, like me. My proclivity is a hastily scrawled list on a random piece of anything that the ball point of a pen can leave a legible trace of ink upon.
    All too often I find myself pinching my cellphone between my shoulder and right ear,saying “Okay, now what was that again,” and scrawling various bits of wisdom on the palm of my hand or a scrap of paper while navigating traffic with an unusually agile knee on the steering wheel.

  2. One of the advantages of the 3×5 cards is that they are easier for me to keep track of than the random scraps I was using before (and less likely to be tossed by my girlfriend as trash).
    I still often find myself having to use other things sometimes, though. I’ve found that the best are the backs of business cards, followed by the backs of receipts.

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