Posted by: elambend | January 1, 2008

Targeting the (Really) Marginal Voter

Vanity Fair has a fantastic article on the use of data mining in the election process:

“Aristotle can tell its clients more than just the predictable stuff—where you live, your phone number, who lives with you, your birthday, how many children you have. It may also know how much you make, how much your house is worth, what kind of car you drive, what Web sites you visit, and whether you went to college, attend church, own guns, have had a sex change, or have been convicted of a felony or sex crime. It can pry into every corner of your life. “

Some of it comes from public records, some purchased from commercial data processors (and much of it put out there by consumers themselves). I find it not so surprising because I have known about this kind of stuff for a while, including its extent, but these articles are illustrative because they give indications of how to resist the catagorization and intrusion. (AND, if it suits you, it shows that possibilities for the business of information).


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