Posted by: elambend | December 9, 2007

A networking database

I need a database. What I envision is something that allows me to create database with both connections(people) and assets and allows me to tag each entry with whatever tag (or catagory) that I choose and then allows me to rearrange and create ‘reports’ based upon these entries. This blog structure (wordpress) does have the work, just not when I want to pull up individual entries. Also, for each entry, I’d like to have log. The last bit is that I want to be able to import (or export) a contact to Outlook.

Plus: I want to be able to map out a selection of cards on Google maps or the like. For instance, I choose all assets with the tag “San Francisco” and I map it, which produces a map of all those particular assets on a google map mash-up.

Update (12-14-07):  This might be it, RealHound.   It’s real estate centered, which is what I was looking for, and seems to have all the features.  It’s main site has a bit of the evangelistic fever of new companies/real estate brokers, but if it works who cares.  I think I’ll check out the free download.


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