Posted by: elambend | August 17, 2007

Best Sundried Tomatoes in China

A small little blog I like to check in on is the The Opposite End of China. What’s not to love about a blog written by a big bald Jewish kid born in San Francisco from New Jersey, living in XianJiang and growing the Best Sundried Tomatoes in China. That’s right Fine Sundried Tomatoes. Go to see the Sundried Tomatoes withering in the sun, tortured into yummy goodness by the white heat of the western deserts of China. Living in a foreign country is hard enough, going into business in a nominally communist country in the middle of Asia is inspiring.

Check out out Michaels blog to learn a little bit more about a part of the world few people think about, but stay for the Fine Chinese Sundried Tomatoes.



  1. Awesome! Thanks.

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